Struggling to make your art match the ideas in your head?


You can go from Amateur to Amazing

in 60-Days when you use this

Roadmap to Realism

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Master Drawing in DAYS instead of DECADES

Imagine if

every stroke of your pencil,

could FREEZE memories

AND makes small pleasures


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Your Roadmap to Realism

Do you keep wadding up your paper,

not sure how to break out of that

dreaded mediocre category?

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Step #1: Discover Masters' Methods

4 Simple Steps That Make Drawing Easy

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Step #2: Three Secret Tools that

Instantly improve your ACCURACY

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Step #3: Exercises that help you

Cr Create STUNNING art that POPS

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Step #4: Discover Insider Secrets for

Drawing TEXTURES with Jaw-Dropping Realism

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How to draw fur so soft

you could pet the paper

What's included:

8 Weeks from amateur to AMAZING:

Jan. 18-March 7, 2024

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Watch Masters' strokes to see how to render

realistic textures that make people GASP

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Accelerate your progress with

Companion workbooks

Tips, tricks, & shortcuts

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Simple Solutions to

Common Mistakes

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Sandra Angelo shows you surprisingly simple solutions

LIVE Art Reviews

Get feedback while you learn

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Roadmap to Realism

1. No need to waste time trying to figure it out ! Your step-by-step MasterClasses workbooks & companion videos reveal short, simple step-by-step systems for success.

  • Sandra distilled master's methods into a streamlined simple system that makes drawing easy.
  • No more wadding up your paper; find yourself moving from frustrated to fantastic... fast.
  • No more confusion; Sandra shows you the EXACT roadmap for Realistic results... including secret tools Masters use plus the perfect papers & pencils, with links on Amazon for SALE prices on those EXACT tools.
  • Master drawing in DAYS instead of DECADES

2. Unparalleled Realism in Every Subject - discover insider secrets for rendering realistic wild & domestc animals plus radiant flowers from nature - broadening your artistic range exponentially.

  • Conquer not just domestic animals but also a host of wild animals and nature elements
  • Create dogs with fur so lifelike you expect the tail to wag
  • Cats that look so soft it seems the paper could purr
  • Radiant flowers that seem to exude a lovely fragrance

3. Your MasterClasses focus on Realism, so Your Art Finally Matches the Ideas in Your Head

  • A national magazine columnist for 3 decades, Sandra has gathered insider secrets from world renowned Masters - she reveals all the TOP Masters' tips, tricks & shortcuts They experimented, so you don't have to.
  • Sandra has distilled these Masters' methods into surprisingly simple tricks that give you stunning accuracy.

4. In-Depth Video Demos Let You Peek Over the Master's Shoulder to see exact strokes you'll need to use to achieve Realism

  • Get up-close and personal with Master’s methods via video demonstrations, giving you a front-row seat to observe techniques that help you make your artwork come alive.
  • Soon, you'll be staring at your paper saying, "WOW! I can't BELIEVE I just drew that!"

5. Structured Step-by-Step Learning - No Guesswork

  • Each MasterClass comes with a sequential step by step roadmap that allows you to gauge your progress and know what comes next.
  • You remember 10% of what you hear, 30% of what you see, and 80% of what you do. So every Masterclass and video has step-by-step exercises whwere you can apply what you just learned.
  • A new MasterClass will be released every week, with step by step videos and a companion workbook.
  • Even though this is a 2- month program you'll have access for 4 months so you can review and redo lessons and perfect your skills.

When you sign up TODAY,

you'll receive 3 BONUSES:

    • BONUS COURSE #1: Common Drawing Mistakes & Surprisingly Simple Solutions: Watch Sandra correct frustrating mistakes that could be keeping you stuck in that dreaded mediocre category
    • With Sandra's Simple System, you can bypass frustrating potholes before you even begin.

    • BONUS COURSE #2: Three Magic Tricks for Drawing Accuracy: Sandra provides you with a special lesson on how to use her 3 Magic Methods that make your art look SO REAL!

    • BONUS COURSE #3: How to Make Your Own Tools for Accuracy
    • Sandrs even shows you how to make your own grid kit and pencil selector so you can create stunning Realism.
    • Using her magic tools you'll soon be staring at your drawing, gasping as you say, I can't BELIEVE I just drew that!
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Study with Master Sandra Angelo

Nation's #1 Art Coach

for Beginners & Beyond

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Rhode Island School of Design granted

World-Renowned Master Sandra Angelo,

a Fellowship Award because of her unique ability to take you

from frustrated to fantastic artist... FAST

What reviewers say...

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Sandra specializes in

Dramatic Student Transformations

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Above: JoAnn Ray went from good to GREAT

What students are saying

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During Covid, when I was cut back 50% on my job and income, I was able to earn more money with my art than the salary I had lost. And, I now people commission me to do what I love.

Thanks Sandra for helping me become the artist I always dreamed of being.

Carol ~ Cambridgeshire, UK

What students are saying

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From Wimpy to WOW!

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No Talent? No Problem

Artists aren't born;

They're made

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Frequently asked questions

What if I don't have talent?

Like learning violin, piano, math, science, and all other subjects in school, art is a skill that's acquired by studying with a Master.

When your coach is world renowned, they can get you to success so much faster than if you tried to figure all this out on your own.

What supplies will I need?

Inside your first module, you'll be given Amazon links to buy the exact materials Masters use. And, Amazon has sale prices and prime members usually get free shipping.

You may have a few of the supplies already and Sandra will tell you the BASIC supplies as well as other tools that are optional.

With Amazon's SALE prices (and FREE shipping for Prime members) you can expect to invest under $100 for basic supplies. The rest of the supplies are only necessary if you have a bigger budget and want to try out some cool tools Masters use.

How long do I have access to this program?

We designed this program so you can complete your lessons in 2 months but you'll have access to this content for 4 months so you'll have plenty of time to finish.

If we didn't limit your access to 4 months, there's a good chance these courses would collect dust like the hundreds of other unread books on your shelf. We give you twice as much time as you need but because this college ends (like all colleges), you'll be more motivated to practice and avail yourself of this simple system that can change your art forever.

How long does it take to complete the lessons?

Each video demo ranges from 5-15 (sometimes 20) minutes so you can easily squeeze your drawing time into a designated time slot in each of your days.

The companion workbooks give you written instructions so that both reading learners and visual learners will benefit from the videos and companion written lessons.

As we said in the other FAQ, if you set aside 5-7 hours per week for 2 months, you should be able to complete all the college projects within 8 weeks.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, sort of. When you pay with a credit card, you can make monthly payments to your credit card company.

Since we're in the drawing business, we prefer to spend our time creating new courses, so we leave the lending business up to credit card companies.

What's my investment?

Anthony Robbins paid Sandra $100,000

for a 4 hour workshop teaching his Platinum Club how to paint

on the Grand Canal in Venice Italy.

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Sandra hired Masters

for 11 years for 55 workshops

revealing tips, tricks and shortcuts.

Sandra invested $110,000 in research,

so you don't have to spend years

traveling to all 55 workshops to study with the Masters.

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Spent 33 years interviewing top Masters as a magazine columnist

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Masters' Drawing Secrets

have been distilled into a

60-day Roadmap to Realism

Sandra's Apprentices invest $25,000

in her Private Invitation Only Atelier

Bruce mastered foundations first

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Bruce mastered a myriad of textures

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...and used the same skills in color

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Bruce won an award just last week...

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Apprentice, Carol has earned

thousands of dollars in commissions

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Carol used drawing skills in my color program.

This robin sold on Facebook

in less than an hour

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Apprentice JoAnn Ray

spills memories into art to leave a legacy

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Nita started with stick figures at age 70

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Nita's art garnered worldwide fame...

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Still drawing at 97, Nita was featured in a

One-Woman show at age 90

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Where will your 60-Day Roadmap

take you?

Let's go from Frustrated to FANTASTIC

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Artists aren't born... they're made

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Your investment is just $1997 to

go from timid to TERRIFIC

Fill out the form to start your 60-Day Journey &

Get your Roadmap to Realism



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